The Importance of Wine Travel

The reason wine travel is important is that this exposes us to different culinary and wine experiences from different international wine regions of the Old World.

Sustainability in the Vineyard

It’s not just about being organic but about being sustainable for us at Natalie’s Estate Winery. We believe that you also – need bio-diversity on your land, to truly have everything in balance, in addition to farming with only organic materials.

Natalie’s Estate a Hidden Gem in Willamette Valley

This post is excerpted from an article by Rebecca Meïr-Liebman. You can read the entire article here. A beautiful estate in the peaceful foothills of the Chehalem Mountain AVA. It was founded in 1999 by Boyd and Cassandra Teegarden and named after their daughter...

Pinot Gris – Signature White Joins our Wines

About Pinot Gris:Pinot Gris is originally from Burgundy, France. The grape is related to Pinot Noir. Up until Veraison the grape looks identical to Pinot Noir. The grapes can have a gray, blue, or pink tint; Gris refers to the gray sheen on the grapes. In Oregon, it...