Specializing in small winery & vineyard development

Located in the heart of Willamette Valley and committed to starting or continued development of small wineries and their associated vineyards, Boyd and Cassandra Teegarden consult with a hand selected number of wineries.

The services offered are dependent on the needs of the customer and are unique for every project. The team will assist and support clients in making informed winemaking and viticulture related decisions.

Projects often include the following services:

Hands on Project Management: We focus on our clients’ needs resulting in a wine crafted in the style envisioned. This is the ultimate goal.

Vineyard Planting & Development: Quality wine starts in the vineyards. The vineyard and the fruit derived from the vines are the most important element to crafting balanced and complex wines. With our combined vineyard development and management experience, we can expose you to the best local resources for vineyard development, clone and rootstock recommendations, spray programs, asset planning and all the other important necessary resources needed in a cost effective manner.

Winemaking Consultation:  Our goal is to create the style of wine you have in mind by working together with a hands-on approach; teaching you the technical side of winemaking involving the chemistry, fermentation and science. Once this is applied, our focus will become the artistic side of winemaking involving the development of the complexity, blends, balance, structure and character to the wine thus showing the fruit in the best possible light, expressing the terroir.

Brand, Marketing & Sales Development: Once the wine has been blended and bottled, there is another important area to create: positioning your wine in the marketplace and ultimately in the consumer’s hands. Label development & business planning, wine compliance expertise, direct sales and wholesale marketing campaigns, development of a tasting room and wine club and all marketing products for digital, social media and print will need to be addressed, developed and positioned. Our team will work closely with the client to create a winning sales & marketing department.

With 45 years of winery and vineyard experience, our team offers expertise in all phases of winery and vineyard development. 

Please email or call Boyd at 503-807-5008 to discuss a customized plan for your developing winery or vineyard project.