From a recent winery visitor

We visited because of a wine-cheese pairing event (that I think I discovered through Eventbrite??). I see now, post-event, that they have a 5.0 star rating. If this was based on a handful of reviews, I’d totally discount it. But based on around 50 reviews, and my own experience, I actually buy it.

First, it’s up in the hills near Newberg, up a long winding road, in a lovely structure (maybe mod 60s style for forest dwellers (all wood exterior)) tucked in trees with great views of the valley. There’s a cozy porch out back (lights, flowers) backed up right into the forest. The interior has lots of windows looking over the valley, interesting pieces of art on the walls (local artists, hummingbird theme), and a pretty pattern of wood pieces on a wall in the second room.

The event was very well planned and executed – we received six or so generous servings of cheese & of wine and then the wine and cheese experts interchanged descriptions of each pairing. If you’re going to try to sell to me, this is the way to do it. Although orderly and somewhat formal (which I liked!), they also infused the event with warmth, interweaving family stories, each server/talker making a point to personally check in with each of the 20 or so guests for chats, and cracking jokes.

They were exceedingly generous with tastes and cheese, and finished with an unexpected charcuterie plate, which really added to the feeling that we were at an event of friends. Their generosity really stood out to me as an excellent business model, a contrast to what most wineries in the area do.

Finally, their wines were truly delicious! Blessedly not a Pinot Noir in sight (which is hard to come by in this wine country) – the Sangiovese blew my mind but we also loved all the red blends and straight Cabs they had. Now I’m just mystified why everyone’s not talking about this place!

And, for the record, Face Rock Creamery was the collaborator for this event – their representative was also exceedingly charming and their cheeses were “deeelicious”!