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“Wine is a passport to the world.”
                                  Thom Elkjer

Why is wine travel important?

The reason wine travel is important is that this exposes us to different culinary and wine experiences from different international wine regions of the Old World. We learn how wine has been integrated into society throughout the ages.  By understanding this, it gives us a window into our past.  It is our hope that our traveling wine club members will understand how traditions in both food and wine have shaped our culture and how we live today through old family recipes, regional delicacies as well as the local varietals.

To me, being involved in wine is not about being the most knowledgeable person but understanding how wine within a region has shaped the people, their food and of course their different nuances of wine styles. Another important revelation is understanding the importance of wine in bringing people together.

Our international  wine travels have inspired me to focus our production on the methods of the Old World using traditional farming and production methods like, organic & sustainable farming, hand work in the fields, small lot fermentations, basket pressing; barrel aging in small barrels & lastly bottling unfiltered and unfined.  This allows me to produce a wine without stripping the soul from the wine verses using modern technology to shape and chemically make a wine in a lab.

These are the reasons is why I feel wine travel is so important.