Our newly released Old Vine Zinfandel has a story to tell and we would love to share it with you. This wine is truly a labor of love and perseverance.

We have been purchasing grapes from Lonnie Wright, the Grandfather of grape growing in The Dalles, since 1999. Boyd has had his eye on the Old Vine Zinfandel grapes since he first met Lonnie over 2 decades ago.

These grape vines date back to the late 1800’s and are the known as the oldest plantings in Oregon. While we have been able to purchase younger Zinfandel from this area, the Old Vine Zin has not been available, until 2020.

Boyd jumped at the chance to finally make wine from this beautifully concentrated fruit. These old vines produce low yields, concentrated flavors that produce incredibly intense and flavorful wines with a depth that is hard to match due to the age of the vines as compared to younger vines. Since there is a limited quantity of the Old Vine Zinfandel available, it will not be included in your Cellar Club shipment. You can purchase the wine from the tasting room or give us a call while supplies last.

To highlight this special wine, we designed a beautifully etched bottle depicting these gnarled old vines. Both the bottle and the wine are a work of art, and we hope you will treasure it as much as we do.

Our Old Vine Zin comes from the original cuttings brought over from Genoa, Italy by the original vineyard original owner, Louis Comini in the late 1800s. The original owner Louis Comini came over by way of California to work as a stone mason. His work brought him to the Northwest and through a fortuitous connection to the Dalles where he eventually settled and planted the Zinfandel cuttings.

Boyd describes the 2020 Old Vine Zinfandel as an elegant wine, complex concentrated flavors of brambly raspberry and blueberries with juicy dark plums. Its smooth, plush mouthfeel and fruit forward sweet vine fruits have a hint of dark chocolate with medium tannins with a long complex finish with hints of pepper and spice. These old vines contribute an intensity and complexity of flavor to the wine that cannot be replicated.

There is a distinct difference between the grapes from the old Zinfandel vines and those from the newer planting. You can taste the difference between wines made from the two types of grapes. I don’t know if the difference is from the root depth of the old vines— depths that reach 30 to 40 feet—or a mineral layer or a difference in slope, but there is a distinct difference.

This wine is available for a limited time for $45 through our tasting room.